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IV Hydration Menu in Ashland, OR

Feeling sluggish? or run down? Come check out our IV Hydration Menu. We have what you need to help you look and feel your best! Call us for more information or request an appointment online. Visit Illume Aesthetics at 993 Siskiyou Blvd #1, Ashland OR 97520.

IV Hydration Menu Near Me in Ashland, OR
IV Hydration Menu Near Me in Ashland, OR

Detox IV Drip

In today’s world, we need all of the support we can get to detox daily exposures. This combination of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins is perfect to kick start your seasonal detox, support you during a detox diet, or just provide a little refresh so you can feel your best.

Key Nutrients: Magnesium + Selenium + Zinc + B-Complex + Vitamin C

Ultra Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Our cells need vitamin C for a healthy immune system. This high dose C infusion is perfect to boost your immune system and give you an extra edge.

Key Nutrients: 10 Grams of Vitamin C

Immune Support IV Drip

Our immune support drip therapy is popular if you are fighting a bug or had a recent illness exposure.

Key Nutrients: Magnesium + Selenium + Taurine + Zinc + B- Complex + Vitamin C


If you are feeling a little low on energy and need a quick pick me up then our NAD IV could be right for you. NAD helps support the mitochondria, which provides the cells with the proper fuel to make energy. This treatment is popular for patients with high stress lifestyle as well as those with chronic fatigue, lymes disease and post covid fatigue syndrome.

Key Nutrients: NAD Add on B complex push or glutathione

Energy IV Drip

Infuse wellness by increasing your energy with custom formulated vitamins and minerals.

Key Nutrients: Magnesium + Methionine (MIC) + Selenium + Arginine+Taurine + Zinc + B-complex + Vitamin C

Just Hydrate IV Drip

Needing some simple minerals and fluids to hydrate your cells and to vamp up your metabolism, cellular health, and energy, then Just Hydrate IV Hydration Therapy is the one for you. Majority of conditions are due to dehydration and Just Hydrate can help anyone and everyone.

Key Nutrients: Lactated Ringer + Magnesium

Jet Setter IV Drip

For travelers either prior to departure or after arrival, who want to feel refreshed. If you are looking to beat jet lag and get you back in the groove of things, this IV drip is a great choice.

Key Nutrients: Magnesium + Selenium + Zinc + B-Complex + Vitamin C

Beauty Bliss IV Drip

Unleash your inner DIVA with our Beauty Bliss IV. If you are looking to boost your hair, skin, nails, PLUS de-bloat, ease tension and irritability, and boost your fat-burning power, this IV drip therapy is a great component to your beauty-boosting regimen.

Key Nutrients: Magnesium + Selenium + Taurine + Biotin + B-Complex + Vitamin C

Brain Power IV Drip

Vitamin, mineral, and amino-acid packed IV drip is perfect for individuals looking for support to boost brainpower and focus, clear brain fog, and help your brain to fire on all cylinders.

Key Nutrients: Magnesium + Methionine (MIC) + Selenium + Taurine + Zinc + B-Complex + Vitamin C

UltraSlim IV Drip

Perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for those looking for support to boost fat-burning power on a journey to slim down and power up.

Key Nutrients: Carnitine + Chromium + Magnesium + Methionine (MIC) + Selenium + Taurine + B-Complex + Vitamin C

Athletic Performer IV Drip

For recovering after a grueling event, tough race, or killer workout. This IV Drip is also a great choice prior to a long endurance event, such as a marathon or triathlon. Recover or prepare for extreme exercise like the pros.

Key Nutrients: Calcium + Carnitine + Magnesium + Selenium + Vitamin C

Hangover IV Drip

Aches and nausea from having too much fun last night are largely a result of dehydration and certain vitamin deficiencies. Our combination of expedited IV hydration therapy along with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is perfect when struggling with a hangover so you can reclaim your day.

Magnesium + Selenium + L-Arginine + Taurine + Zinc + B-Complex + Vitamin C

Illume Nutritional Shot IM Menu

Customized Nutritional Shot

B-Well (B12)

Boosts energy, mood, memory, nervous system function, metabolism, and overall health.

Liquid Sunshine – Vitamin D3 –

Critical for health, mood, immunity and bone health.

Glam Booster- (B12, Biotin)

Nourishes hair, promotes skin clarity and strengthens nails.

Skinny Shot

Boost metabolism, increase energy and help promote healthy blood sugar metabolism

Glutathione Push (1-3cc)

Suffering from a poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, aging and/or infections? This Glutathione push is the perfect add-on to your IV.