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Urban Dictionary 
- a clever solution to a tricky problem,
to hack is to mod or change something in an extraordinary way

- Beauty Hackers

So the big trend is this….. Hacks. Clever solutions to tricky problems. Having a hack for everything is all the rage these days and there are all sort of “hacker” tribes.

There are bio hackers pushing the limits of human performance. There are funnel hackers stretching the possible of entrepreneurship. There are life hackers adding convenience and ease to every facet of life. And as exciting as all of these new movements are; as usual everyone is forgetting the women who have been hacking basically forever.

From Egyptian queens like Cleopatra bathing in milk, honey, and olive oil, for the perfect skin to social media queens like Kim Kardashian getting a vampire facial to roll back the years. Women have been finding hacks to make the most of what Mother Nature gave them and to tell Grandfather Time to go pack sand!

We are Beauty Hackers. Women who know how we want to look, how we want to feel and won’t take no for an answer! 

Just fill out the form, let me know your email address, and I’ll start sending your the best beauty hacks, success stories from our community and occasionally my latest thoughts.
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