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Sculptra Injections Specialist in Ashland, OR

If you want to treat deep wrinkles then Sculptra is the right option for you. Sculptra has many benefits including the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, collagen development, smoothing out skin texture, and is hypoallergenic. Learn more about the treatment at Illume Aesthetics. For more information, contact us or request an appointment online. Visit Illume Aesthetics at 993 Siskiyou Blvd #1, Ashland, OR 97520.

Sculptra Injections Near Me in Ashland, OR
Sculptra Injections Near Me in Ashland, OR

Table of Contents:

What is Sculptra?
How does Sculptra work?
When should I get Sculptra?
What to expect after a Sculptra treatment?

Welcome to Illume Aesthetics located in Ashland, OR! We are so thrilled to tell you all about the medical spa services provided at our clinic. Our team of highly trained beauty and medical experts offers a wide range of rejuvenating treatments including VI peels, microneedling, botox, and more. One of our increasingly popular anti-aging services is called Sculptra. 

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a safe and effective injectable used to treat different areas of the face including your mouth and nose. What makes Sculptra unique from other injectables is its ability to stimulate collagen production in the face. Studies have continuously demonstrated that increased collagen production is essential in diminishing wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. 

To get optimal results, you’ll want to get a series of Sculptra treatments spaced out over a few months. We understand that every person has unique skin care needs which will require a special Naturally You treatment plan. One of our specialists will assist you in coming up with a number of how many treatments you’ll need for your desired results. 

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra treatments are injected into the areas you want to reduce and eliminate signs of aging. The injections contain poly-lactic acid which is responsible for improving collagen production in the face. Benefits of Sculptra include:

-Reduced wrinkles
-Increased collagen
-Restored fullness to thin areas of the face
-Softened skin
-Youthful appearance
-Diminished fine lines
-Lifted sagging skin
-Natural-looking results
-Face contouring and increased definition
-Speedy recovery
-A happier, more confident version of you!

When should I get Sculptra?

You should get Sculptra when you’re looking for a long-lasting anti-aging treatment that is minimally invasive, effective, and safe. Collagen production starts to decrease once you’re in your thirties. This is when you may start to notice early signs of aging such as thinning of the face and slight wrinkling. To prevent aging or slow down the process of aging, we suggest a treatment like Sculptra for a more natural appearance. As we’ve seen from past patients, Sculptra produces incredible results. One of our specialists will likely suggest a series of initial treatments that may be up to about 3-5 sessions. After that, we recommend you continue with Sculptra Aesthetic about once a year. 

What to expect after a Sculptra treatment?

One of the greatest benefits of Sculptra treatment is the quick recovery and healing time that follows. This is a very minimally invasive medical spa service that allows you to go back to your daily routine immediately after treatment. Once the procedure has been performed, your specialist will give you a few aftercare instructions such as gently massaging the treated area for a few minutes every day and avoiding the sun during the recovery time. 

You can expect to see Sculptra results right away! Results will be noticeable within a week and gradually improve as more collagen is produced. These amazing results can last for up to two years. Talk to your provider about how to properly take care of your skin to get the most out of your Sculptra treatment. Don’t underestimate the power of a good skincare routine with the proper cleansers, toners, exfoliants, and moisturizers for your skin type. 

If a Sculptra treatment sounds like the medical spa service you need, please contact Illume Aesthetics during our business hours. This treatment is only one of many offered at our clinic. We would love to answer any questions or help you book a consultation with one of our Sculptra specialists. We can’t wait to see you absolutely glow with self-confidence. For more information, contact us or request an appointment online. Visit Illume Aesthetics at 993 Siskiyou Blvd #1, Ashland, OR 97520. We serve clients from Ashland OR and surrounding areas of Medford OR, Talent OR, Central Point OR, Eagle Point OR, Grants Pass OR, and surrounding areas.