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Vampire Facelift Treatment in Ashland, OR

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Vampire Facelift Treatment in Ashland, OR

The vampire procedures have gained popularity as red carpet elites like Kim Kardashian have adopted them as part of their beauty regiment, but what is it?

The Vampire Facelift is a procedure that uses of hyaluronic acid to address and correct facial shape, skin color, and texture from the inside out! We take a sample of blood and use a high speed centrifuge to separate for use. The treatment can reduce sagging, give skin a warm and healthy glow, drastically reduce wrinkles and eliminate under eye circles. Treatment lasts approximately 12-18 months.

The Vampire Facelift uses the very latest scientific approaches to push forward the appearance of youthfulness. While creams use artificial chemicals to simulate the look of healthy skin, blood plasma actually creates genuinely healthy, younger looking skin by using the body’s own growth factor to turn back the clock and create younger, healthier skin. We offer a thorough consultation to all those interested in undertaking the procedure and ensure the most exacting medical standards are upheld, so individuals are guaranteed a seamless experience.

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